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In this listing, you are buying 1 cape FOR Lego minifigure

 and it is made by third party.



It is a product developed for Lego minifigure and it is not made by Lego.


You get the Armor in the picture 

You will bring your minifigs to a whole new level with this accessory!
Enjoy lots of extra fun with your minifigs!


Product Description:


It would be foolish for your LEGO® minifigures to go into battle with no armor on, but you also don’t want your opponents to think you don’t have chiseled abs. The solution: the muscled cuirass!



No minifigure included.


Watch my listings and shop for combined shipping discount.

1 New grey spartan general cape LOTR Castle Roman Greek Infantry Sparta Armor

  • MACHINED PRINTED on Lego parts.