3-in-1 MOC Transformable Armed Mech combat Suit Armor pack for brik minifigure

-Product: Custom design building block toy Armed Mech armor, Buy 1 = 1 unit,


- Base minifig Mech armor x1

- Aerial Battle pack x1 

- Cannon Battle pack x1



Features: Fit a minifigure of major brand e.g Legx.

Arm your minifigure and get them ready for mission!

NO MINIFIG, No fire-shape effect parts. All other components in pictures included.




-Brick: Custom brand bricks. Compatible with Lego parts and minifigure 


-Content: Only the loose bricks for building, NO printed instruction, electronic instruction will be sent to your email address. Contact seller if you do not receive it.

-Difficulty: Easy - medium, recommend age 10+ , adult superversion advised as custom bricks may not be smooth and highly polished as branded bricks.




Every minifigure needs a weapon mech like this - no matter he is a soldier or a hero!

This is the most coolest Armed Mech you can hardly find anywhere!

It has a great design - 


Work with your minifig and it has multiple points of articulation!

Basic form with machine arms , or install the Aerial combat pack or Cannon Pack included in the package!


Check the photos for demo!



  • Move the components to pose your guns and weapons! ( guns and weapons sold separately)
  • Get a few to form YOUR bigger TEAM!


Take it home for unlimited fun of playing and display!


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3-in-1 MOC Transformable Armed Mech combat Suit Armor pack for brik minifigure

  • MACHINED PRINTED on Lego parts.