Lego MOC AVATAR AMP Suit Amplified Mobility Platform Mobile Suit Mech Pandora

Product : MOC LEGO TK-53 Gundam CGS Mobile Worker Mobile Suit Iron-Blooded Orphan Mech

Type: Lego MOC building model 

Condition: BRAND NEW, unassembled and Authentic Lego bricks . Printed instruction included.No minifigure

Manufacturer : Original Lego parts,custom design set.

No. of piece: Total 315 Pieces

Minifig : 1


Feature of the product:

- consists of Original and new Lego parts


- Very cool custom design as a great display and gift for vehicle model lovers

- Excellent playability with opening hatch, multiple weapons, mechanical arms

- Platform included

- Differnt modes to play with!

- position for carrying 1 minifigs~

- sleek and cool design

Lego MOC AVATAR AMP Suit Amplified Mobility Platform Mobile Suit Mech Pandora


  • Why are our sets so costly?
    The price of MOC design Lego sets is mainly determined by the cost of the LEGO® in each set, plus a mark-up for our design and labor. We can't manufacture Lego bricks to lower the cost, and we don't get a discount from Lego to make this limited sets. Like everyone else, we must buy LEGO® bricks on the on the open market. LEGO® bricks are NOT cheap particularly in many unique bricks necessary for many of our design. 


    On top of that, the amount of bricks we use on each design is typically 2-3 times more than those offered on the market. In terms of cost per brick, our sets are much lower than many offered on to market.

    The large brick count in each set means our sets are not only better in accurate size, but also much better in interior and exterior detail. You can easily spot the many attractive , immersed level of detail in our sets. Also, most of our sets are shipped pre-assembled, meaning you can almost play with them right away when you recived that. You don't need to bother building the very big MOC sets before you can play with them. ( which will take some time ). This takes a lot more labour hour , but we think this is worth it.

    But if you prefer to build it yourself, you can also contact us first!